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About Us - Naked Wolves

A lot of people live a normal life, a lot of people live a complicated one, most of them live a life they can’t even understand and then there is us. We run our lives like it has a meaning, a structure I might say, like it all makes sense, so basically we have a lot to lose in life for which we have to care, nurture and garnish it with whatever that makes it spicier, livelier, energetic to experience the thrill and most of all to put ourselves on the edge. For this we wander off into the wild, we hunt for serenity and the most importantly we hunt for directions that might lead us anywhere, everywhere and sometime god only knows where. We push ourselves to extents we never imagined, we thrive hard to achieve what was impossible and all this is with a companion we have, a machine that will take us anywhere we ride it to.


Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is what it’s called and never will it give up on us unless we respect its part in the companionship, a bond that no one can explain no matter how hard they try. It’s an alliance we all feel proud of, a connection we can never understand and this is what it is all about, what we are all about. We see you, we know you are there, we are better than you and we are the best at what we do. Nothing can stop us from reaching out to what we want and nothing shall come in our way whilst we conquer it. We ride as a lone wolf or we ride as a pack, we make our mark where ever we go. We are true to ourselves and we are strong, we might fall but we shall rise and come back for more. We, as a family stand together, we look after each other like brothers in arms, we guide and seek advice from our compatriots and all this is possible because we believe in ourselves and also in each other.


We are NAKED WOLVES and as a pack we HOWL


Two years hence spanning over 10 cities across India with Nagpur and Jharkand joining the line up and being a name to reckon with in Indonesia, they have set foot in the Philippines thus marking another paw in their ever growing presence.
To be a part of us,contact the regional administrators of your region from its respective page in the website.



Contact Information

  • Email Id : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Dipra Das : (+91) 9035544772
  • Hari Rajan : (+91) 9633904454